Backtest with dynamic price giving wrong results

Bug info: Backtest with dynamic price and simultaneous deals never worked for me.

I just attach one of the strategy I’m using but I was never able to get correct results from the backtest

  • Bot URL → Gainium app
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When I copy your bot on binance spot I get this error. Maybe it’s the same error on bybit but it doesn’t show it to you.

I think this is a different issue - increase the order size that should fix it in your case.

In my case when selecting dynamic price on trading bots or combos I receive wrong stats

yep, weird stats you have there.

I saw similar stats where the average daily was a lot bigger than the net result. I would have to check in what backtests that happened.

It was an issue with the bot working time, that was not taking into account in some scenarios. It has been fixed.

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Thanks appreciate Ares - in the MATRIX community we had a few issues backtesting combo with simultaneous deals and dynamic price, sometimes related to actual working days, sometimes about avg daily return or odd lines in the equity from the chart etc. Would you mind if we leave this opened for further checks (if we will find any in the future)?

The average daily return is based on the bot working days, so if this was not properly calculated it the daily return will give odd results. The equity line should be unrelated though.

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Promised some backtests so if I finds anythings odd in the next days I will drop a message here - thank you for checking :ok_hand:

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