Combo Bots Disappeared!

Bug info:
two combo bots just disappeared from my list of bots. just so i knew i hadn’t gone cookoo, i found their last deals were still active in the “deal” tab. that’s the only trace i hv that my babies existed. the deal ID’s are:
actually clicking on these deal ID’s brought up the bots in the view showing they are still running and alive even if i cannot reach them from the bot list.

if these two are still running, then iv got more than 3 running bots which is my limit.

could it be that as i start papertrading another bot, that the existing ones disappear, as some bug?

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You probably have an active filter in the bot view. Can you clear it and check again?

i do not have any filters and still won’t show. i took a filter out, but still nothing as shown below:

They are there.

where did you find them? i still cannot see them. iv done CNTRL+F5

Either you still have a filter or you logged with a different email. They show from my side.

when you asked me to delete my cache, i selected to deleted files also, and that’s when i noticed they disappeared. could it be that these files affected it, and is there a way to restore?

Could you try to use another browser?

I found it. My v bad, it was on the next page! haha. I did not think I had that many bots. sorry to waste your time on this one.

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No problem glad you found them