Decimal separator

Validate user inputs to disallow a comma where a dot would be required as a decimal separator.

As far as I know all fields, where decimals allowed, should use dot as decimal separator. Where you are able to put a comma?

E.g. for the risk-reward ratio. I am allowed to enter a comma, but of course it isn’t accepted.

Oh, I thought you was able to save somewhere comma in number.
We cannot disallow to input specific symbol. I will update a number validation to convert comma.

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This should happen in a way that the user gets to know the change so that not 1.000.000,01 becomes 1.00 even though 1,000,000.1 was intended.

We are placing this one on reserve for now. The reason is that is not a trivial task, we need to handle all possible locale formats ourselves, on every field that accepts a number. This is easily several hours worth of work and not a big enough pain to users to justify the investment. But thank you for the contribution.

I guess so. What about a field highlighting in case of errors?

Could that help GitHub - marciobarrios/react-intl-number-format: Number and currency formatter based on the ECMAScript Internationalization API?