Required change range deals

Trading Strategies / Bot Setups


Each deal of this strategy takes care that the required change to reach the minimum take profit (rcmt) stays within a pre-defined range, e.g. 5 % to 10 %.

What does it solve?

If we use DCA type Percentage and only configure safety orders via Step Scale and Volume Scale. We are likely to observe bigger and bigger drops before the next safety order is reached. Maybe like that -5, -10, -15, -20 %. That is it’s getting more and more difficult to get the deal closed.

With an auto-scaled safety order, that will come soon, we would be able to e.g. configure that the volume on each safety order is scaled so that the resulting rcmt matches. But it is already to configure the safety order levels and volumes manually, that we can be sure that a deal is never more than e.g. 10 % away from reaching the minimum take profit and after a safety order only requires e.g. 5 %.

How does it work?

  • Enable the DCA mode and choose DCA type [Custom]
  • Add as many safety orders as you want to execute automatically
  • Configure the Step % from previous order, that every step is executed when the rcmt becomes 10 %
  • Configure DCA Order amount to reduce the rcmt to 5 %