Actual Profit on deal not shown / Fee not found error

Bug info:

  • Bot URL → Gainium app
  • [Optional] Steps to reproduce → Open Bot, error message on top for few seconds,
    Profit value seems to be loading forever in the deals list, maybe cause of the fee error?
    Seems that this only happens when the bot is in Profit, hope that helps to reproduce.

Edit: forgot to mention, that seems to be on Bybit only with this leveraged tokens, LINK2L

The API was not returning the fees for that token. We contacted Bybit, who told us that token, among others, was delisted. We still show the option to users because they haven’t removed it from the available pairs API. Once they do it will be removed as an option from Gainium as well.

I’m a bit disappointed about ByBit, 10000 unnecessary tickers and messages over the day, but that Info would have been important, at least I couldn’t find it.

Sorry for bothering you with that, Ares and thank you!