Add submenu for bot deals

Would it be possible to add a submenu under each bot category with all the deals - this way we can quickly check deals without opening each bot

I think @aressanch also suggested on telegram :+1:

So as if you would filter Trading Bots by the bot name to get the results displayed in the bot?

It would be helpful if that equals filter would prefetch the bot names so we don’t have to write it on our own.

I meant here on the left hand side main menu - so for example under Combo Bots we will see NEW, BACKTEST and DEALS

If you click on e.g. Trading Bots you directly see the deals. What would be the benefit of another link. What should it display differently?

Can I be honest? I never saw that button :sweat_smile:
It may benefit to reduce the number of clicks but yes if it’s there already isn’t essential then - up to @aressanch

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even redundant. :wink:

I actually think that having a deals page on it’s own will have some really good benefit:
It will allow the user to check all deals on one page (as it’s currently) but it could have more info about the deal - TradingView chart for example to quickly check all deals from different bots on one page, without having to open each bot separately.
Also at the moment we see closed deals only if we leave the page opened but as soon as we refresh they disappear.
When we click on the three dots on the right hand side of the deal it will be useful if we can edit the deal as we do on the bot page - so we can control them individually but all on the same page.
@aressanch I think it will be great if we can give the deal page more visibility and less clicks to access all deals

I’m thinking about having a DEALS page which collects all deals (opened and closed) from all running bots, and s chart at the top (to quickly check the deals status) - It could also have a quick recap about our PROFIT and BANKROLL.

Deals can be divided into BOT TYPE sections (terminal, trading bot, combo, grid) and each deal can be edited directly on this page.