Add TP & SL by indicators in deal edit options (after a deal has been imported in trading terminal)

Added my long term bag that I already had in Bybit with “import” to the trading terminal.

One time I need to get out of my long term bag. Would love the possibility in the trading terminal when I edit the deal to:
have the features SL and TP etc also indicators for the buy would be great.
Now its only possible by percentage.

Now I do a work around and open my new long term bag / coins in the trading bot (with one deal) can add it then with no limit price.

Long story short, I think you get the picture.

I would love to have all the possibilities in the trading terminal. Once we need to get out of this Bull strategically ;).

Hello Ellen!

I don’t understand what you don’t find in the Trading Terminal. There is already the posibility to use a TP and a SL with indicators in the trading terminal.

You can also choose the coin of your choice to buy or sell in the exchange account of your choice.

I don’t see why your are buying in the trading bot terminal, can you be more specific on what you need? :grin:

Yes correct but before I came to Gainium I had already a lot of coins sitting at Bybit for long term.

If you open a new deal in the terminal it’s possible.
But if you import your lets day old deals / coins from an exchange to the trading terminal and you want to edit it, because you want to edit it for example later then you only have the sl and tp only as %

Added some pictures :

Ok I see what you mean. I personally don’t have bags to import, but when I click to the import option on the Trading terminal and then I go to SL or TP I still see the option to use indicators. It’s probably missing only when you really have an imported bag, strange but I agree that this is something that is missing.

Yes indeed
Exactly that
The most I imported not knowing know what the exit and when en how it will be…
Do I want to edit it and do it later on.

And then it’s missing indeed.

Hope Gainium will add it to the edit function