Adding funds to deals

I’ve been running the HMA strategy on a paper bot for some time and it was doing great (still is), however at some point I turned off the option for the bot to close deals after 9 days. This has resulted in quite a few deals being significantly down (20-40%).

I would like to be able to add funds to lower my average entry price, but when I try to add a deal it tells me the Max Active Deals has been reached.

So how do I buy more of a coin to lower my average price for that coin? This is of course a multicoin bot.


  1. Open your bot
  2. Go to section Bot deals
  3. Find your deal in the list
  4. Scroll to the column Actions on the right
  5. Click the three dots
  6. Choose Add funds

Yes, this isn’t the one-click action that it could be.