Anonymous or white-labeled statistics page for each bot

I’m interested in having an anonymous or white-labeled statistics page for each bot. Similar to the shared bot link, but exclusively displaying plain statistics from the bot without the additional page elements. I envision it as providing live stats, allowing individuals I share the URL with to see the bot’s activities. I manage investments for others, and it’s important for them to have visibility into the bot’s operations, akin to any standard status page or dashboard. If you can select what stats are visible, that would be amazing.

Thanks for the suggestion. White-labeling the stats page won’t be possible, as we need the branding for awareness when those pages are shared. What could be possible is white-labelling the platform, where a fund manager offer their customers full access to their bots with individual logins, with the fund’s own branding and subdomain. This can be tailored for the fund. But as this is a very specific use case, is not something other users are likely to vote on. If this is of interest we can discuss it privately.

It’s always good to think one step ahead. You help fund managers and users to manage their portfolios as well as possible and give us valuable insights into our portfolio on different exchanges and maybe even wallets (read-only), so that we can make informed decisions and evaluate the efficiency of our strategy(ies). At some point, you may even be able to provide us with the information we need for tax reporting.

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While I recognize there might be a market for that, it’s still beyond what I’m willing to invest. What I’m looking for at the moment is a straightforward, no-frills stats-only page where individuals can observe the bot’s live trading activities. Currently, the workaround is taking screenshots, which isn’t ideal.

Well, your vote would be welcome. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I haven’t any vote left.

Is there a limit on votes? Strange.

Yes, depending on the state of trust that you have reached in this Discourse community.