AUTO-Merge deals

Feature Details
Feature Suggestion AUTO-Merge deals (trading bot)
Purpose To work in tandem with the current dynamic price filter and manage floating deals automatically or manually.
Logic When selecting simultaneous deals via dynamic price, specify the number of deals and dynamic price filter deviation %.
Auto-Merge Activation Toggle the auto-merge deals feature. The bot merges deals that deviate too far from the current price into the second to last deal to average the price.
Case Scenario Set a strategy to cover x% deviation before starting a new deal. If the price moves opposite to the set direction and all simultaneous deals are opened, the bot merges the last deal with the second to last.
Extra Option Merge consecutive deals up to a set number of deals, merging more than one deal at once.
Benefits - Rescue red bags (deals that went too far in the opposite direction)
- DCA: Average the price using the auto-merge feature
- Free up order slots to open new deals
- Improve speed and efficiency by managing risk and funds through merging smaller deals that went too far in the opposite direction without waiting for price recovery.

That’s exactly what I asked for another bot provider quite a while ago.

Idea: We have to Trading Bot deals for the same pair and on the same exchange. We define one deal as the safety order source, the other deal as the target deal. We are getting a dialogue that previews us the result of the merge.

If we decided to merge the deals, the source deal is cancelled, i.e. it is left open at the exchange. At Gainium we do a virtual safety order on the target deal, with the volume and average price of the cancelled source deal. The volume and average price of the target deal gets updated. Now both deals are merged.

Probably we have to take care of the stats now, because the same volume now appears at cancelled deal and virtual safety order.

Yep I thought sometime a lot easier to implement and for the traders to use - I will update the post today if I have a moment

Maybe it’s best to either completely remove the previous deal from the list. Or maybe better we move its history to the target deal. That way we keep a detailed history of all orders. And who knows maybe can use those for our tax reports or even create thos from that.

Bear in mind that this option already exists - the suggestion is about automating this process so we can include it when building our strategies