Average profit doesn't match

I may have got something setup wrong, or I’m misunderstanding something.

I’ve been running a paper bot for a while, using a 3rd party script that sends TV alerts.

Gainium shows that my win rate is 100%
Average deal usage 22.23 USDT
Average profit 0.73$

Profit $53.39 (This is realised)
Active deals 20
Deals 93

But if I’ve closed 93 deals at an average of 0.73 shouldn’t the realised profit be higher?

Is the difference anything to do with fees?

In 3commas fees were automatically accounted for (as far as I recall) so the numbers they showed were always minus any fees.

Average profit calculated based on closed deals 53.39/73 = 0,731369863013699$
Total bot deals 93, including 20 in open state.

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Thank you Maksym, that makes sense now.