Beginners' Getting Started Tips

Hello and welcome to Gainium! If you’re new here, you’ve probably already sensed the importance we place in the community. To get you started on the right foot, this “Start Here” post will guide you through the essentials of trading and how to make the most of the resources available here.

1. Learning Resources

  • Gainium YouTube Channel: Here, you’ll find tutorials, strategy explanations, and tips to accelerate your learning process.
  • Gainium Academy: Our comprehensive learning center offers articles that cover everything from the basics to more advanced trading techniques.
  • This community: This is the best place to ask questions, share your experience, and learn from others.

2. Practice Makes Perfect

Before you dive into automated trading bots and complex strategies, it’s crucial to grasp the fundamental concepts of trading practices. And the best way to do that is by backtesting and paper trading. We have spent a lot of time perfecting these tools, and they are offered free of charge to everybody. When you start trading, you will make mistakes, lots of them, so why not make full use of these tools?

3. When asking questions, provide background

When you reach out to the community with queries, Be Specific About Your Trading Goals and Context:

  • Experience level, or how long have you been trading crypto.
  • Risk tolerance: The risk tolerance of a 25-year-old testing degen strategies with play money is not the same as that of a soon-to-be-retired 58-year-old looking to grow their retirement funds.
  • Preferred strategies: Grid, DCA, Combo.
  • Time frame for trading: Are you ok holding your investment for months or years?
  • Types of coins you’re interested in: Top cap, low cap, high volatility, specific utility tokens, specific projects you like
  • Technical analysis skills
  • How much you plan to invest: Some strategies are suitable for a small account, and others are not.

Tailoring your questions in this way helps others provide you with the most relevant and practical advice.

Example of a bad question:

What bots are working good right now?

Examples of better questions:

I recently started venturing into trading bots. I am a 55 years old guy from the Nederlands. I have a nest eggs of savings, and I plan to use a few thousand dollars for trading. I am interested in trading or holding top coins like BTC and ETH, as well as some popular ones like SOL. So far I like grid bots (combo look nice, but I still don’t understand them very well). I’m trying to set up my first live grid for BTC and I was wondering:

  • Any tips on how to distribute the budgets if I were to make say 5 grids in different coins?
  • Specifically for a BTC grid bot, any recommendations to set the upper and lower boundaries?
  • What do you do if the price exits the lower grid? Make a new grid? Edit the current grid? Wait it out?

4. Patience and Consistency Are Key

The Gainium community is diverse, with traders from all walks of life sharing their experiences and insights. The more you engage, the quicker you’ll learn. Participate in discussions, share your experiences, and absorb as much knowledge as possible. Like any skill, trading takes time to master. Stay consistent, keep learning, and adjust your strategies as you grow. Success in trading doesn’t happen overnight, but with dedication, it’s well within your reach.

Remember, the journey to trading proficiency is continuous, and every trader was once a beginner. Embrace the process, keep learning, and maximize the community and resources at your disposal.

Welcome aboard, and happy trading!

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Of course, the more detailed the question is the better we might be able to answer it. But I would keep personal data and information about invested funds out of it.

I have 1 trading bot up and running via allerts from Tradingview. Next to Long I also want to use short, but not able to set this op. Somebody able te help? I used “short” but don’t know how to set up the signals. Now it’s taking the same as for “long”.

You can only have one direction per bot. If you want a long and a short you need to create two bots. It would be best to post a new topic if you need more help on this.

I’ve tried with 2 bots, but didn’t work. Now I have 1 long let’s see how that works.

I ve git my bot up and running but New problem. Paper version with same setting is doping much better them live version. Usdt btc. Paper +0,76 dollar today live -3,61 dollar. How can this be?

I already replied in Telegram. Please don’t post issues on random topics, if you need more help you can open your own topic about it. Also, check your DM chat.

Or if it is a general question that doesn’t require a topic, then those questions can also be asked in the General chat. But remember to move your question to a topic, if it’s of general interest or you want it to survive longer than 30 days because the General chat only has a 30-day history.

Until now I have tied some Tradingview tranding systems and a 2 combo bots, but nothig is pofitable. Everything I try is F qualified. Has somebodiy a plan to set up which will give me any positive result. I’ve followed the Combo bot and lso the HMA &BB%B bot, but the last one didn’r take any trade yet. HELP!

Just a reminder but the fact that you obtain a backtest F qualified doesn’t mean that your bot is not be profitable as this qualification only takes into account the number of trades that the bot has made over the backtesting period. Something you can try to obtain better qualifications is to extend the period of backtesting, add other crypto pairs, reduce the difficulty to meet the criteria to open a trade or test the strategy in lower timeframe. Pay more attention to the profit factor (>1 means you are profitable) or perform a statistical analysis agains random to know if you have obtained these results by chance or they are consistent


With paper Reading I had good results but Change to live Reading and almost every trade was a loss. The plan is to increase my account not to reduce with extra cost

The only thing that one can achieve easily and quick with trading are the losses. Everything else takes (a looot of) time.

I understand but losing $ 3 per day is not the way forward

I’m setting up some paper bots to see what’s happening. I want to keep my deals on bybit to avoid having additional exchanges. Safe pal was adviced but for me bybit is ok.