Binance Futures Token

Hello guys,
I’m Trading on Binance, and i’m having some issues with Gainium not recognizing my BNFCR as USDT, do you guys have any idea how to solve this or a work around?

Cheers Thomas

@elearn.21 also asked about this.

We will try to implement a fix tomorrow, thank you for your patience.

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@antyholm @elearn.21 we made some updates and bots should be able to run now. Can you try again and let me know?

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Thanks @aressanch the bots already run.
I’ve just noticed one thing that would be nice. As you can see in the image bellow it does not identify the balance from this new token.
It wold be nice to have that, or assume this token as usdt.

Good point, Maksym will do on Monday

Thanks for the support, the feedback from here is really impressive.


i got a defferent error this time, Issue semms to be the same

Can you try tu use percentage like me?? It might be a diferent problem

tried it with percentage, it does not appear to be working with webhooks.
when setting up a bot using only technicals there was no problems :slight_smile: