Binance.US has become awful!

I have slowly begin moving all my funds from Binace.US to Coinbase. Has anyone else noticed how awful Binance.Us has become? From their terrible interface to their dropping USD withdrawals, trading and deposits?

Not only the US version, the international version also stopped conversion to fiat. It’s a shame because it was the only platform that didn’t require the USDT/USD conversion for withdrawals (if you used BUSD, which for a time was working great). I think their banking partners turn the cold shoulder after the recent shitstorm they have been under. It’s a shame that we still need the legacy banking system, I can’t wait for the day that I can pay everything with crypto :upside_down_face:

On another note, I use gemini for crypto/fiat conversions. Their banking capabilities have been great so far. Coinbase put me off a little bit due to their conversion fees. And by the way if you had any bots running on coinbase you may want to check everything is still working as they had an outage recently


Ares, I cannot agree with you more about FIAT and the legacy banking system. Crypto is the future. The US dollar is slowly becoming worthless because our worthless politicians keep sending massive amounts of our tax dollars overseas to pay for useless wars. Which is actually funneled back into their pockets. And our corrupt politicians do not understand crypto, so they try to ban it. I don’t know if you live in the USA or not, but as for me, if America keeps going down the same path it keeps going, becoming more unsafe and insane every day, I am considering finding a safer country to move to. As for FIAT transfers, I may look into Gemini. Or perhaps Kraken. Thanks for the heads up about Coinbase. iIdidn’t know they had an outage.

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HORRIBLE LIQUIDITY and FEES, I moved all to Coinbase, but make sure you trade in Coinbase Advanced mode, or they rake you over the coals with fees!

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Thanks! I will have to take a look at advance.