Bot Controller Backtest error. wrong timing for Market Structure Indicator action (close bot)

Hi new here. during backtesting, i was trying get bot controller to stop combo bot with Market structure indicator (on the weekly) when price crosses down Lower Low.

The backtest shows the bot controller stopping bot early.
As Lower Low signals are not confirmed/printed at the actual time they are being made, the backtest should show the bot running well past the actual LL that price makes.

Right now the backtester allows the bot controller to go back in time to stop the bot at the LL (not at the time when price crosses below the printed/confirmed LL signal) which is much further in the future.

edit: maybe it has to do with the weekly time frame on market structure indicator? deals close with %TP and open ASAP. its the only indicator im using. since adding it all my deals say 0 seconds duration?

Thanks for your help

Hello and welcome. Can you post the link to the backtest share? And a screenshot if possible.


That was outside of the period tested

you need to backtest on 1m caldles.

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