Bot seems not working as expected

Bug info:

  • Bot URL → Gainium app
  • [Optional] Steps to reproduce → open a deal evry day at X hour of the day with X dca
  • Expected result →

I have created a bot that opens a trade every day at a certain time of day with 4 DCA.
It was working as expected until May 30, then it stopped. I tried to activate it but it does not perform any operation. it seems to be Active…
What could be happening?
Thank you very much! :blush:

I also had an issue with time-based deal starts that combined ASAP with a Cooldown after deal start, but this seems to continuously work. How many bots are you running at the same time, only to be sure that no other deals are starting because you are running more than you plan (especially paper trading) supports.

I have 8 Bot Active on paper trading, but none is running deals, also, I have a Bot on Live and strangely its not taking deals…
could be that I`m far from 3 active bots running?
thanks for your time and help

Hi Diego, welcome to the forum.

The bot is working as expected, the next deal will be started 29 Jun at 00:00 UTC (28 Jun 09:00 PM your timezone). It stopped due to unsupported date format after you edited the settings. But it’s ok now.

Many thank Ares for your answer! i will look what happen today. :crossed_fingers:

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