Bot statistics not shown good? Apple problem?

I have this problem from the beginning, so a few months.

When I backtest a combo bot the statistics are shown good.
But when a run a real combo bot the statistics keeps on displaying at the first data.

Hereby some pictures the green dots keep on displaying always only on the first data.

I am working on an iPhone and on a Mac. Both have it Maybe thats the problem? That needs to be fixed?

ps; the problem is not that the combo bot is running for only a few days, I have this also with combos that are working for weeks. Need to search for the picture I sent in the past to Ares.

Anyways try to test it on Apple / iPhones etc. The statistics are messes up (green dots)

Also this drawdown is not correct I think… but anyways … Apple products :wink:

Schermafbeelding 2024-06-21 om 10.38.36

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We released a fix. Please check if the issue is resolved and let us know.


Yes checked it on the iPhone and Macbook and no its good! Thanks
Schermafbeelding 2024-06-23 om 21.19.16