BTC Leverage bot wont close deal on exchange

Bug info: The bot reached its Take profit condition, but the deal is still active on the exchange.
And the profit for that deal isn’t correct, it should be around -10% not -104%, and the overal profit calculated for the bot also is not correct.
Gainium as well as Kucoin don’t have any errors concerning this issue.

Hmm thats strange, the deal is now closed on the exchange, and it now shows other values on Gainium then before. But the values between gainium and Kucoin are not the same, so on Gainium it seems I made profit, but in reality I didn’t.

There was a bug in calculation and Maksym fixed it, corrected the deal manually but made a mistake, then updated it again. Can you confirm it is ok now? Also for total P&L per deal, we do not take into account funding fees, so there will be a difference. There is a task to add this soon.

Ok no problem, the deal is done so I assume it is now resolved.
As soon as it happens again I will let you know.
By the way, on my paperbots (with the same settings) everything went fine.