Cancel deals without loss?

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I’m confused, can I just cancel deals if they are in the red without loosing money? I did it on the paper trading but so far did not test it on the real account but it does not make sense to me… sorry if this is a weird question.


Seems impossible, if you cancel the deal and it’s in red the position will be sold at the moment with the loss. Would be too easy :grin:

okay thats also what I was thinking but on the paper bots there is no change on the total profit, maybe its a bug?

Maybe it’s a bug yes, paper is just linked to the market but orders are not real. You can still try to verify if the bug also happens in the real market but could be quite risky :sweat_smile:

what is the difference between “cancel” and “close”? a deal?

Cancel, you cancel the deal in Gainium and it is no longer visible (I think), but you keep the position/coins on the exchange.
Close, you close the deal in Gainium, and sell/close the position/coins on the exchange.

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okay but how can I manage the canceled postions on the exchange when I do paper trading? does that make sense to do that? It’s just gone and not visible anymore?

No you can’t manage it on the exchange when your paper trading, but I think (but I’m not sure), you can still see the coin in your portfolio?
And you can use it to trade again via the Trading Terminal.

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I think it’s a bug.
I have now canceled 3 postions in red and it still shows a profit. I can also not find those in the Trading Terminal:

Sorry, I misunderstood you :sweat_smile:, this indeed seems like a bug to me.

PNL of a bot is calculated inside gainium and if you cancel a deal it is not partecipating in this PNL calcul … for experience I learned that when a bot is in a real account, a deal ‘canceled’ may or may not be still open on exchange so be carfull and check on exchange for safety, it is not a bug but the communication via API betwen gainium and the exchange that is not everytime perfect like we would, may be lagging.
I am not expert so Ares could say exactly.

When you cancel the deal, bot cancel pending orders and do nothing, so there is no profit or loss, there is only unrealized pnl which you should handle by yourself. If you want realy close the position or deal, then you need to choos close option. In this case bot will close the deal or position and realized pnl will be added to bot result.

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Once you cancel a deal, you can see the open position from the positions page (click on positions at the top).

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Maybe an overview would be nice to easily find all information about bots, deals and orders?

Like that the bot deals’ orders are visible by going to the bot, choosing the order and clicking on (?) to Open orders or to use Terminal > Positions > Orders. But can we know what order belongs to what deal? Or do we only see what bot it belongs to?

And maybe there are other of those separate views on the same data as well?