Cannot place reduce order

Bug info:
Error says can’t find position but it exists on exchange

This error happens when the bot is trying to close a position, but the position doesn’t exist in the exchange anymore or was partially closed.

There could be several reasons:

  1. the user manually closed it on the exchange
  2. another bot closed it
  3. the exchange liquidated the position but the bot didn’t receive the notification
  4. Position exist but is less than what the bot is trying to close

Can you confirm which of these cases apply? If its 4., can you let me know what’s the balance on exchange and the position that the bot is holding?

Seems like its 4thh reason

On exchange YGG qty is 1530 vs 1580 in gainium

How do i fix this as i dont want to close deal at market as i am in loss

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any suggestion on how to resolve this?

We have checked all the order logs, and the quantity the bot has is supposed to be correct. Can you export all orders on this symbol from the exchange and send me in a PM? From our side, we can’t locate where the difference might be coming from.

For now you could buy the extra missing, that will allow the position to close.

thats the thing i dont want to close the position in losses.
Seems like the orders are still being placed correctly irrespective.

So i am thinking of just letting the deal get into green and i can manually market close on gainium and exchange then?

Yes that would be another way to manage it, just keep it open for tracking purposes.

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