Chart not updating correctly

Bug info: The chart is not updated, it is stuck on 11:15.
Yesterday I also noticed it, but with a refresh it did update, now it isn’t working anymore, also not with CTRL+F5.
It seems to only affect Kucoin.

Hmm, now the chart shows the correct bars, but it does not update the price, for that I still need to refresh.

Or could it be due to the low volume on kucoin?

Just checked the chart on Kucoin itself, and it is due to the low volume.
Topic can be closed :rofl:

There is a problem with Kucoin. For futures they do not have real time updates, so we have a timer to update chart data. The other problem is that kucoin doesn’t show empty candles, if there is no trades in specific time, that candle will be skipped at all

Thanks for the info, is that also the reason why I can only backtest for a few days/weeks on Kucoin?

The symbol may not have enough history. We do not have any restrictions on our side.

The issue seems to be on Kucoins side, it looks like they only load X bars. On the 15min chart I can go back till 05-06-2024, and on the 4h chart I can go back till 02-12-2023.