Coinflipper based on Volume or Performance

I don’t know if this is already possible but “the Traiding Parrot” has talked about this feature on his youtube channel (I think it was on 3 commas).
I would like to have a Coinflipper integrated in the bot based on the Performance of the last 1h or 24h or Volume (or maybe there are even better short term momenturm indicators). The idea is that every 1h the bot will check which coins from, for example the top 50, has the best performance and will automatically add it to the Coin pair. With this we will always flipp coins to the ones who perform the best in the short term.

It’s already possible to integrate with TTP pair selection: Gainium Pair Selection - The Trading Parrot

But I think it’s in Beta for TTP VIP members. You could stop by their discord and ask more info about it.

Got it. Could you implement it directly into Gainium? It would be more convenient for people like me who aren’t very advanced with coding. I think this would be an awesome feature for a wider community.

It would be a big project, but if there is enough interest sure.

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I used to pay for a script from a guy called Tzack, he runs a discord group and is active in a few others.

His script was called the HM script and ran on his own server.
I don’t really know what the script was doing to identify the pairs but let’s say it would identify pairs that were breaking out.

It then dynamically changed the pairs that your 3commas bot was setup to use.

So let’s say you created a 3commas bot with 10 pairs, every hour his script would re-write the list of pairs your bot should use be the 10 his script identified as potentially profitable.

It worked great, but I stopped using 3Commas because I got hacked.

Interessting, thanks for your comment.
It would be interesting who you have been hacked on 3 commas, just to give back some safety recommendations to the community if you don’t mind to share with us.

The hack happened in Dec 2022 and affected around 1000 people using I was one of the users that had their fund stolen.

There was also an earlier hack on FTX users and another on Coinbase users.

There are many articles and things online about it. But basically 3commas and Binance never did any thing to help.

okay understand. But how could they steal your funds with the API. They would need access to your Binance Account or Am I wrong? If you only allow trading and not withdrawing funds to another exchange in the API they can only destroy your funds via the bots or Am I wrong?

By trading a low volume token A.

  • Hacker starts long deal for A with leverage.

  • Hijacked user accounts buy A and push the price.

  • Hacker closes long deal and starts short deal for A with leverage…

  • Price collapses.

  • Users lose most of their funds

  • Hacker also gains from the short deal.

Wow crazy, I was not thinking in this direction but it makes sense. Would be interessting to have some good recommendations from the community how to avoid such situations or even more interessting: what to do / how to react if something like this happens?

I used a homemade version which updated the coins automatically every 3 sec based on coinmarketcap (gainers and losers) - all completely for free but it needs some knowledge of python and virtual machines

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Sadly I don’t have that knowledge.

How did that go? Was it profitable?

yes very very profitable - the issue is always the same we don’t know when that coin stops pumping and start drowning so you may do xxx% profit in a few days and then lose xx% in an hour. The concept it’s amazing but it required a really good risk management and continue monitoring. Filtering only the top coins won’t work because they are never in the top gainers now a day