Combining Webhooks + technical indicators

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I am trying to use some webhooks, and it would be nice to have the possibility to combine it with technical indicators. For example, the position only opens when the webhooks sends a signal but at the same time the market conditions defined by the technical indicator are ok (for example: bullish supertrend).

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So you want the webhook to become an additional indicator?

Alternative: Combine all indicators externally.

If all indicators that are available at Gainium would also be available in your external strategy, that is sending the webhook, you could add them there.

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Yes I want the webhook to become a sort of an aditional indicator but I also want to trade through Gainium as it is easier than adding indicators in TradingView. I’m a bad coder and the point of using Gainium is that is an easy to use interface.

So I’m guessing that this should work by adding a new option under technical indicators, which would be a webhook (and maybe the technical indicator should be changed to rules or something more general). Then, when adding the webhook option it creates a payload specifically for that rule, so you can add different webhooks and they all need to be received for the bot to execute the action.

EDIT: yes it could be called “External indicator (webhook)” as mentioned @d_yo_r


It will only be almost impossible to backtest that.

Maybe by using a random signal instead or completely ignoring the webhook?

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Not “almost” it will be really impossible. If a webhook condition is added we would need to disable the backtest button as we obviously have no knowledge of what webhooks would have been received in the past.