[Combo bot] After editing order step the bot no longer places buy orders

Bug info:


In my combo bot I had the following DCA minigrid settings:
DCA orders: 35
Smart order: 1
Order step 1% - DCA minigrid levels: 1

I just wanted the bot to keep on buying each time the price dropped 1% and immediately sell once the price goes back up 1%. These settings did the trick. But after testing soms other settings I did notice that the breakeven price goes down faster if I use 5% as order step with 5 levels.

So I edited the settings as follows:
DCA orders: 10
Smart order: 1
Order step 5% - DCA minigrid levels: 5

After restarting the bot the sell orders are being placed correctly, however no buy order is being placed 5% below the last filled order. Am I doing something wrong? Is this a bug? Or is this functionality simply lacking?

I know I could also just close the deal and restart a new deal, but I don’t want to needlessly close a deal that is not yet in profit.

I am having an odd problem with a combo bot also. I guess they are working on it. I do not know because they haven’t replied to either of our posts yet.

Sorry I forgot to reply. Settings change apply to new deals only. We have added a dialog confirmation to inform the user.