Combo Bot Baseline Grid Incorrect

Bug info:
Combo bot Baseline grid not covering correct distance for Bybit Futures.
If I put 2.5% whole grid is only 1%.
If I put 5% whole grid is only 2%

It’s probably also about the leveraged value again that you have to increase the percentage according to the leverage.

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Settings change doesn’t apply to current deals

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ah ok thanks Ill have another look

Not sure this is the answer - When i’m creating the bot the grid draft in Market Overview is correct, shows the correct deviation. It’s once I save it and enter a deal on exchange it then shows a different grid.

Also the DCA grid is displayed fine using a percentage not adjusting it to leverage - It’s just the baseline mini grid is the one not displaying the correct deviation.

see screenshot here market overview when creating the bot shows correct 3.5% for the base grid. This is with 25x leverage selected.

The minigrids work with price change, so leverage does not affect it. The TP and SL work with deal value change, so the leverage affects it.

Ok - so it there isn’t a bug with the baseline mini grid how do I get it to display the desired % deviation? What am I doing wrong here?
As mention it displays fine on the market overview when creating the bot but then changes when you open a deal.

Why is that so? It seems to be inconsistent to me.

Well yes inconsistent- works correctly when creating bot but then final bot is out.
I can take more screen shots if need be to show this?
To confirm - putting 5% as base grid with 5 levels will cover 5% of price when I measure it with ruler:

Then I create that bot and start it… measure it and that same setup only covers about 2% of price.