Combo bot bot opening or closing orders

@aressanch @maksym.shamko I know isn’t related to the actual update - but since last update my bot is not opening or closing any orders

Bot ID

Deal ID

The deal was running normally but then it stopped and it’s not opening or closing any orders in the minigrids

For some reasons the combo bot is only OPENING new orders now but it’s not SELLING any base

I have restarted your bot. Last update doesn’t contain any logic change in order processing. I will investigate what happened with the deal.
Bot has another deal during that period and it finished successfully.

Thank you for checking on a Saturday really appreciate :orange_heart: - One of my bot now placed a SELL order - I’ll keep you posted

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Still acting funny it just opened and closed orders when it likes

I have been monitoring my combos and it looks like the issue was only visually on the chart - I did restart all of them and checked the open and close orders and all seems fine. Basically on the chart the last DCA grid was shifted down for some reasons and not aligned with the rest of the grid incurring in a visual bug.

Fixed from my end - I’ll keep you posted if anything changes

We found some issues in the log related to updates from the exchange (what we call the user stream), that could have caused delays in showing the orders in the graph. We added some improvements, so hopefully is already fixed. I will close this for now.

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