Combo Bot Close Condition by Indicator

There’s no close by indicator condition on the combo bot. Available on Trade Bot, but we need one here too. Thanks.


Like grid bot TP conditions wouldn’t work because the TP is based on the assets bought and sold at each grid - conditions won’t work on combo bot only percentages and assets value

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I want the deal shut down (sold at market) to prevent further losses with sudden downward trend. Or it can be used to pick a peak of an uptrend so regardless of where the combo’s grid is, I want the deal sold and closed.

Currently only the start condition can use indicators but not take profit and stop loss. But you would like to see it for the stop loss to close the deal depending on market conditions at whatever price the combo bot is?

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I was trying to figure out something similar. I testing combo bots and wanted a short bot that opened deals when supertrend was downtrend and then to close the current deal when it crossed to uptrend. This would be the base filter to tell the bot when to run instead of using a price filter.

Similar to grid we need to take into account the base bought before closing the deal by conditions - it won’t be possible

I accept that it isn’t possible, and you are probably tired of getting the feature request, you must get it often, but I am having trouble wrapping my head around why it isn’t possible.

In the bot controller we have the option to stop the bot based on an indicator, and then we have a stop action to close the deals at market. It makes sense that the bot (which is now off) can’t turn itself back on, but why can’t the chain of actions that lead to the deal closing not happen while the bot remains on.


What if we had an action that didn’t stop the bot and just closed the deals by market? Or why is that not possible? Right now I am considering using the bot controller and then manually restarting the bot.

yes, to close at whatever the market price is by indicator. so it’s possible to exit when the market conditions are not suitable / dangerous, despite being in a deal (sell out completely on the deal by market).

Yes I get the point, and it’s possible. Just cancel the grid and close at market when the indicator condition is met. Will try to implement soon.

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I see what you mean now - yes if you can stop and start you can potentially close or cancel a deal by conditions