Combo bot deals issue

Bug info: A number of combo bot deals arent placing orders both grid and DCA orders
Its not just one but many deals
Doesnt show any errors either

Seems like it only a tradingview preview issue - try to restart the bot and see if it fixes - also double check if the orders are placed in the exchange (they should) if not then it’s a bug

I dont even open TV view in Gainium.
I always check directly on exchange.
Its a bug.

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It’s bybit user stream. They are very tricky to work with. No other exchange has given us as much issues as bybit :smiling_face_with_tear:

We have increased pong timeout, this should help. Keep an eye on it, hopefully won’t be an issue after today’s update.


Seems like order creation has restarted. Will keep an eye out


I think I’m having the same issue. I have 4 bots running at the moment and I just noticed that there were no orders placed after the priced dropped. (At all 4 bots)

3 of them I’ve restarted and then it places all the missed orders at current market price. (So I’ve bought 4 DCA orders at current price) It also creates all the missing minigrids at once, within the correct ranges.

Example of a restarted bot: Gainium app

Example of a running bot without restart:

At this bot I’ve setup 20 DCA’s with a total deviation of 30%

Maybe a problem with the Smart (grid) orders setting which is still in beta and I’ve turned on at all 4 bots?

Is not the same issue, this is related to changing Active Minigrids parameters on running deals. It has been fixed. Let me know if it’s ok.

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