Combo bot executes 27 buy orders instead of 1

Bug info:

13/6/2024 5:00 (UTC+2)

This RUNE-BTC combo bot decided to execute 27 buy order in only 4 minutes instead 1. Please investigate. In the mean time the price is higher, so it would be nice if there was a way to sell an equivalent amount of RUNE right away from within the bot.

If you wanted to share the bot only with Gainium’s team, above link is okay. Else you would have to use the Share functionality of the bot.

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any filters? if you use ASAP but not filters (dynamic price, start conditions, cooldown etc.) the trades open one after another not stop until the bot reached the max deals set number

I do use ASAP and no filters. But don’t the filters only apply to start a deal. This happened two weeks into a deal after 80-ish trades had already been executed. Whenever the combo bot executes a buy order, a new DCA order is placed 1% below the previous order.

Here’s the share link: Gainium app

The starting condition is correct you only have 1 max active deal so unless the previous deal is closed you should not have any simultaneous deal - if you refer to the orders within the minigrid then it needs further investigation. During high volatility you may expect strange behaviour

Thanks for the report, we have found one bug and fixed it. The extra RUNE bought is in profit, so you may want to sell it. You can go to the portfolio page and see how much free RUNE you have (free means not planned to be used in any bot). You have 103. I think you could sell 100, leave 3 as margin for rounding etc.

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Ok, hopefully this doesn’t happen again.

I have bought 520 extra RUNE, so that’s the amount I would like to sell now. Apparently the combo bot made 17 double sell orders at various levels.