Combo bot incorrect take profits

Bug info: I have tried combo bots with take profit of 2% and 5% of used dca as limit, and sometimes the profit is negative.


This can happen when there is a lot of volatility and the position do not close exactly where it has because markets go too fast.

If it’s not that, devs can help you :slightly_smiling_face:

But shouldn’t limit take profit type resolve that issue?? If it was market i understand that can happen, but with limit order it happens to??

You’re right, theoretically, this should not happen with limit orders as they should fill the price or better only. I can think on some possibilities but I cannot verify them. There can be partial fills sometimes but also it can happen that fees eat the profits. Also broker could have a problem with incorrect positionning of the orders…

Yes i understand what your saying, that’s why i think that something is wrong with the take profit, because i have trades i 1m or 5m, and i have calculations the profits should be $0.5 or $1 and i get negative values sometimes. This is not correct behaviour even accounting for fees, i’ve checked on binance.

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What @Perez said it’s right, it’s due to slippage with volatility. The combo needs to cancel all the grids before sending the sell order (as market, or as limit near current price). The bot cannot guarantee the price that triggered the will be filled in all cases because there are always several seconds between the TP being triggered and the execution of the TP. It also works the other way, you may have observed several deals with more profit than anticipated.

To avoid this issue, you can remove TP, or make the grid smaller (activate smart grid orders) so that it will take less time to cancel the grid.

Do you use OCA orders?

I use dca orders with 2% spacing, and i only have 10 smart orders at a time.

Thanks. The question was more whether the bot places one-cancels-all (OCA) in the background.

What is that, is that some option on the combo bots??

No, it’s a type of order that can be placed at the exchange. It’s nothing we can configure at Gainium. But Gainium could use it internally.

I don’t see where i can change the type of orders, i use binance futures

You can only see it if you trade at your exchange. Gainium hasn’t any configuration for that but maybe uses it internally behind the scenes.

I’ve read the binance documentation and it does not have that order type.

Binance order types: Types of Order on Binance Futures | Binance

Not all exchanges have OCA orders and in any case I don’t think it’s relevant for this problem.

I have talked to Maksym and in futures we can close the position before cancelling the whole grid. We cannot do this in spot but at least it will reduce the time to close in futures. It will be implemented on Monday.

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That is a very good option, thanks for the support