Combo bot not filling all DCA orders

Bug info: Something weird is going on with a combo bot I’m running, I’ve setup 15 DCA minigrids with a deviation of 30% total but after 8 of them I’m running out of funds after a 13.4% drop. (and thus running out of the grid)

On the exchange the total funds are used.

Could it be something with the volume scale? Which I setup at 0.8 so DCA orders should decline in value and thus the funds are more spread out.

There is not enough USDT for the two combos you are running on that exchange. You have to reduce the USDT usage. The error already tells you how much missing USDT for the order. You can see what bot you have in what token in the portfolio page:


Thanks for your quick response. I did notice the error about insufficient funds so I’ll have to reduce the bots or add some funds.

What I dont get is why the bot has already used 100% value when it has only reached 8/16 SO’s. In my assumption I should have funds left within the bot. Filling the next 8 safety orders would cost me a lot more than I’ve setup within the bot.

Ah yes the usage shouldn’t be 100%, looks like the out of funds triggered a calculation bug. Will fix with the correct data and update you.

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Found the problem, unexpected last order filled value from Bybit led the bot to place the DCA order several times. That’s why the numbers didn’t match. We have fixed the issue, the bot should sell all when the deal closes.

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Great, thank you for the quick responses!