Combo Bot TP closing deal prematurely

Bug info:
I’ve got a TP of 3% set.
Bot closed the position after only a 0.3% move

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Combo tp works on value change not price change, so leverage needs to be taken into account. If you want 3% price move on 10x leverage you need to set it to 30%.

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So if I’m using 25x leverage, and I want the bot to TP 3% of the position size based on average base entry price I need to put in 75%?
I haven’t come across this before - generally if you put in 3% for TP it takes it on position size irrelevant to leverage.
I’m not out to criticise just just trying to wrap my head around the logic for this?

No you are taking about price change on the price chart. with 10x leverage and 3% TP, the price only needs to change 0.3% for the deal to be 3% in profit.