Combo Bots - Discussion, Tips and Tweaks

Hey guys. I’d like to start a thread for all those using combo bots successfully. I’m an experienced Algo trader but I’ve only just started with combo bots and new to the gainium platform in general so have a few questions for anyone with more experience please chip in!

My first question to anyone jumping in that might be able to help: My combo bot took profit… but all the limit orders that were set by the mini grid are still open on the exchange. What to do here?

Lol figured out my own question - I had another combo bot test running I hadn’t closed properly!

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Ok, you can ask if you have any other questions.

Ok the “Active mini grid” option is cool option I think for choppy markets. But I found from this dump we just got now potentially puts you in quite a bit of draw down until the next dca.
So without that turned on the next grid is not placed until the DCA is hit correct?

Yes correct. I find through backtesting that in many cases active minigrids lowers performance. But people is not patient enough and want to start trading right away even if the price goes down