COMBO - Closing the deal manually

I’ve been testing a few combo-bots during the free trial. Typically when I use bots I do not set a TP%. If the bot is running for a long time I may be happy to close the deal at 20% profit. However when something was 30% below breakeven and then suddenly goes up 40% in one day, I may be happy to just close the deal and restart the bot manually after the dump.

Unfortunately, I don’t see a take profit-button to close the deal manually by market selling all the remaining funds. Is there another way to manually close the deal while retaining bot stats?


You can close the deal any time, look for the 3 dots menu at the end of the row.

Yes, the actions are always somewhat out of sight. Maybe a right-click menu could make them more present? With a hovering tooltip hinting for that menu? “Click right for further actions or go to column actions on the right side of the table.”

Ok, that makes sense! I was looking at the action button in the ‘bots overview’ and hadn’t noticed anything. I hadn’t seen the ‘deals’ button next to it. Thanks!