COMBO - DCA toggle ON and OFF

Would it be possible to have the option to enable or disable the DCA feature on a combo bot?

Base minigrid and DCA minigrid are a little different - the first sells the base similar to a multi TP so the base il sold at x% - while the DCA minigrid sells the previous bought grid to the following grid - in essence base minigrid is more effective than DCA minigrid that’s why I prefer only base minigrids with sell orders

But both are wrapped into a grid concept so if the price fluctuate both buy and sells as a grid

When you use active minigrids you are making your DCA avg price weaker because you also buy at every level on the way down (long)

That’s why I’m using a trading bot without DCAs with simultaneous deals

But having a combo without DCA will solve the issue (if we can call it that way)

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Are you certain about it?

Isn’t the default to buy a certain amount of assets at the base respective safety order level and build a multi take profit mini grid above?

I.e., only if you enable Active Minigrids the grid levels will already be present on the way down to the next regular buy level, right?

BASE and DCA are two different entities - you can set them independently but so far isn’t possible to deactivate the DCA minigrid. If you set a combo you will always have BASE and DCA orders while DCA doesn’t depend by the BASE.

I don’t want active minigrid as it makes the DCA less efficient when the price moves within the minigrid without touching the DCA order first.

Combo is already dynamic but isn’t flexible as the two entities of grid and dca cannot be divided even if they don’t need to walk together.

The difference is for the combo bot:

  • BASE respective DCA without active mini grids

    Buy order + multiple take profit mini grid

    If 1 is the level of the initial order and 4 the level to take profit:

    W(2..4), T(2),    T(3), T(4)
    B(2),    W(3..4), T(3), T(4)
    B(2),    B(3),    W(4), T(4)
    B(2),    W(3..4), S(3), T(4)
    W(2..4), S(2),    S(3), T(4)
    B(2),    W(3..4), S(3), T(4)
    B(2),    B(3),    W(4), T(4)
    B(-),    B(-),    B(-), W(-)
  • DCA with active mini grids

    Grid bot deal between previous order and next DCA step

    If 4 is the level where the DCA mini grid gets activated
    and 1 the next DCA level which now “only” defines the range.

    B(2),    B(3),    B(4), W(4)
    B(2),    B(3),    W(4), S(4)
    B(2),    W(3..4), S(3), S(4)
    W(2..4), S(2),    S(3), S(4)
    B(2),    W(3..4), S(3), S(4)
    B(2),    B(3),    W(4), S(4)
    B(-),    B(-),    B(-), W(-)

I updated above to show the multiple take profit levels as

T(level number)

Active minigrid simply activates at the beginning not waiting for the DCA to be filled - so on a long bot for example it places a base minigrid and the first DCA will have a grid inside since the beginning so if the price moves opposite it buys on the way down - while without active minigrid the price needs to touch the actual DCA line before creating the minigrid

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Yes, that’s what I was trying to describe by multiple take profit mini grid and grid bot deal between. The first buys all assets for the above levels at the beginning and only re-buys as a usual grid if the price is moving sideways in the grid. The second simply acts like a usual grid bot deal which buys and sells level wise.

if you want to use the whole grid as the base minigrid you will need to set a dynamic price and switch off the DCA so each deal will make the grid starting from the % deviation set

You can now vote for it :grin:

So basically you want to use the combo bot to place separate deals, where each deal consists of a multiple take profit mini grid above the base order.

yes it’s the missing link between grid, DCA and combo - none of the three are able to do it atm - Combo is the only one to have to potential to have a grid fully dynamic which moves with the price.

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Even though this multiple take profit mini grid deal would stay where it is and would only once “benefit” from the initial buy order for the whole grid and had no security net to cope with price movements against it?

it’s the same as removing DCA orders from a trading bot or SLs - it doesn’t mean that cannot be a strategy but a way of gaining potential profit

In opposite to combo atm I’m running a trading bot (S-10 strategy shared here) with simultaneous deals and each deal cover a price range.

There are PROS and CONS on both from a risk and funds management point of view

CONS for combo is that cannot merge deals and cannot switch off the DCA

CONS for a trading bot is that it cannot have a minigrid

The solution could be to add TP minigrid for a trading bot (which will act as a base minigrid on combo) - but then we will have a duplicated version of combo :joy:
Having a Combo with the option to enable DCA and find a simplified way of merging the deals.

Then last point which is also the most important is to find enough interest to spend time and resource in make it happens

Leave the mic :studio_microphone: to @aressanch to see what he thinks about it

Disabling DCA could be done, but merging combo deals I think could be too messy. Combo deals have different level of quote and base and it could give all sort of edge case scenarios that we will have to spend time fixing. The risk outweigh the benefit.

Would disabling DCA take too long to implement? Yes when you think to all case scenarios it gets messy I agree

From my external view I would guess, that it’s done by changing the minimum number from 1 to 0.

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@aressanch would it be simple as that to allow the 0 number in the DCA field as suggested?

It won’t be that simple, the logic would have to be revised. However what should already be possible is to have one DCA with the minimum order and minimum spacing, that will have very little impact on the average price of the base order.

Yep I thought about this - so it combines into one order

Something like that?