COMBO missed orders

Bug info: The other day while the Gainium app was updating the market experienced high volatility with bigger movements - I noticed that some orders were missed on the way down but also noticed that some of the orders were never created or canceled as you can see it jumps from 68353K to 67647K. (about 4/5 orders) - I have restarted the bot several time but it doesn’t recreate them. Is it because once jumped over the bot hasn’t got those grid lines to sell? thank you

Aware of that, some combo bot deals will have grid holes because yesterday’s update contained a bug with combo orders. Someone posted in Discord and Maksym immediately released a fix, but can’t cover the holes that already happened. The next deal will be fine.

This is another reason why we do updates on Maksym’s shift and not in the middle of the night. We need to monitor.

I see both make sense :ok_hand: - didn’t check Discord before posting it -thank you for replying - happy to close the topic

I have the same issue, Combo Bot run fine, but it does not generate new orders on Exchange, only after reload the Bot Orders are performed.

Can you share the bot URL? We will check.

Here is the URL:

Please note i reloaded the Bot less than one hour ago, so now you have the Orders in the Exchange.

I have here another Bot on Paper Trading, you can check here as well.


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It was fixed today, keep an eye on it and let me know

It seems to be ok for the moment, I’ll continue to keep an eye.