ComboBot with Reduce Order Error

Bug info:

  • Bot URL → Gainium app
  • [Optional] Steps to reproduce →

This paper-trading combobot has thrown a “cannot place reduce order” error. There is no open position visible in Trading Terminal, there is no other bot on this pair (BTCUSDT ), and I’ve made no manual changes. This is the third deal for the bot which starts using ASAP. I’ve left the bot running to make it easier to track what has happened. I would appreciate any ideas on what I’ve done wrong. Thanks!

It was a problem with rounding in the paper system. It was fixed and will be deployed today. Thanks for reporting.

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I have a similiar issue with one of my bots

Is this a paper bot? If so the problem may have already been resolved, you can cancel the existing deal.

If it’s a live bot there could be other reasons for that error. Yiu can let us know the bot ID to check.

Yes It’s a paper bot. I can not delete the bot because of the Error. where can I find the Bot ID? I only find the Deal ID’s

The bot ID is in the URL and also in the link if you are about to share your bot.

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With that @aressanch should be able to check the bot. If anybody else shall be able to see your bot, you would have to share it.

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I could manualy close the deal and now restarted it, everything is fine now. We can close this thread. Thanks