Community Rewards now live

Hello Gainium Community,

I’m excited to announce that our new community rewards system is now live!

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Earn Karmium Points: Participate in the forum, earn badges, and accumulate Karmium points. These points can be exchanged for credits towards your subscription.
  • Existing Subscribers Benefit: If you already have a paid subscription, you can still earn rewards. Use them to upgrade or extend your current plan.
  • Retroactive Rewards: We’ve got you covered! Rewards are applied retroactively, so you may be eligible to claim points.

Why This Matters:

  • Community-First Approach: With the full integration of the forum and the app, Gainium is the only trading platform incentivizing users to contribute their knowledge for everyone’s benefit.
  • Safe and Integrated Space: Our new forum is a secure place, free from scammers, where you can connect and grow with the community.

Get Started:

Join the conversation, share your insights, and start earning rewards today. Check out the rewards section to see what you’ve earned and how to use your points.

Let’s continue to build the best trading community together!


Will existing badges be taken into account somehow?

Have been taken into account for me. What it haven’t been taken into account are the strategy discussion topics I’ve created, will they be applied retroactively or only the new posts are eligible? :grin:

And by the way, I really think that this is a nice idea, I hope it will help people being more and more active in the community!

Okay, I found it. Apparently some of those, that are rewarded now, can be imported. Some other require additional actions apparently. And since some of my strategy ideas were found to be “only” building blocks but no complete strategy - one might discuss that - weren’t imported neither.

Ok I get it. We will have to be creative then :wink:

Very nice and progressive.

The three awards for contributions - strategies, documentations and bug fixing - will be granted tomorrow. Those are the only manual ones, the rest should be automatically applied :blush:


Nice one - great marketing tool to benefit the platform and the community in all aspects :+1:

I have a question regarding the credits you can get through rewards. I hope you can only use them to purchase a plan? And not to transfer those funds to another exchange?

They are credits not actual USDT. They cannot be used for anything other than purchasing a plan or server backtest credits.


Everything seems so odd in the world now. I can go to the rewards page, but I do not see how many rewards are needed for anything or how to spend the rewards. is that info there?

Yes, it’s the first paragraph Shop. Your bonus can be converted in a voucher that you can use to e.g. pay for backtesting or a subscription.

Hello @aressanch,

I have two questions about the new community rewards and badges

  1. I have 3 strategist badges but not Karmium points to claim, will they be available soon?

  2. How the Regular badge is obtained? It’s just that a lot of people has obtained this one but these are not necessarily the most active members, have they been there for longer on Discord?

Thanks in advance! :smiley:

  1. You should be able to collect already, if not please post in bug reports so Maksym can check.
  2. Which one is regular? Descriptions of how to obtain a badge can be found here Gainium Community

Ok will post this there then, thanks!

Sort of confusing. It appears almost as if you can buy 100 credits or 450 credits… It would be much simpler if it showed the points earned, then how many were needed to reach the next level.