Connect actual backtest result with bot


I have done a lot of backtests the past couple of weeks and also set up a couple of bots. It would be very nice If one can connect the backtest results directly with the runnig bot. For example a button where I can review the results from different periods at the current bot.
I will add a Picture to understand what I mean.

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Don’t hesitate to post the results of your backtesting, we are all curious to know what works well and what works less :smiley:

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I wonder what information that column should contain to be useful and in case of many backtest results - the top 3 results? Of course, the backtest results are available as soon as you open the bot. Maybe there could be a side navigation to jump to the specific area directly and in the overview an according link?

I woulk like to pin the best backtest results directly to the strategy…sometime I lost the overview of the many backtests Ive done so I thought it could be helpful to have a direct link to the the prefered backtest periods (in my case 1year, 3 years and bearmarket 21-22

Is that different from the templates that you can create for back test periods in the Backtest settings > Period settings > Period > Manage periods... respective check box Custom > [ ] Save period?