DCA order cancelled after first TP

Bug info: not sure if is a bug but I would prefer DCA orders stay in place as behaviour (paper futures bot)

step scale was 0.5% the drawdown in pic is about 4%

This is expected behavior. There are too many cases to consider to be able to leave the DCAs in place. How do you distribute a DCA among the remaining TPs when it gets filled? This gets more complicated if the deal bounces between TPs and DCAs. TP1 → DCA1 → TP2 → DCA2, etc.

I would prefer to cover the drawdown with DCA as bot setting also after some TPs and until the deal close, so if the price goes up and then down, the remaining DCA orders lower the breakeven price as the plan.

DCA are distributed from the starting price deal.

The deal is now closed but if DCA were in place like I thought, the breakeven price was lower and gain better and deal close quicker:

I will check how we can implement this. Can you post it as a Feature Requests ?