Double mouse click gives an error

It not a big bug ut for the user-friendliness it was irritating me every day.

I always have when I click on a (any) bot I made got an error page, just click it to open gives an error page.
I could solve it by going to the previous page on my MacBook : <

I just found out today that I always double click to open a bot (laptop).
And tadadaaaa when I use a single click on the mouse it does not give an error.

I just double click maybe automatically. My friends that use gainium also had it. But we just went to previous page and the the bot opens.

Maybe you did not know it and can fix this. So it can be even more userfiendly.
Just a mini thing :wink:

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Yes, there is a wrong action binding going on.

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We released a fix. Please check if the issue is already resolved and let us know.

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Yes thank you its fixed… and works now