Free plan. 3 paper bots or unlimited?

Almost all my paper bots have been cancelled. I looked at the plans and it reads that we can only have 3 paper combo bots. But below that it reads unlimited paper trading. What has happened?

We introduced limits on paper accounts for free users on Friday. There may still be references to free unlimited paper bots in FAQs, I will remove those in time.

I request that you, or some other part of the team, give an announcement for all future updates a week or so in advance so we will know what is going on. I spent hours creating paper bots that I can now no longer use. All the running paper bots should have been grandfathered in.

We sent an email last Monday about it. We cannot grandfather users because we need to limit the current resource usage of free users. Also, opening multiple accounts to overcome limits is not cool and will result in your account being permanently banned.

Next week we will introduce a rewards system where you can get a subscription for free. Most of the rewards are linked to contributing in the community. You can still get unlimited paper if you can complete the rewards.


I see. Good idea about the rewards. But I would hate to see an innocent person banned, You probably need KYC. In the case that a husband and wife, 2 friends, or any 2 people in the same home, who each have separate Gainium accounts but share the same exchange portfolio and IP address could possible both get banned by mistake.

I did not receive a email?

We only send an email to affected users. As you have a paid subscription the limit doesn’t apply to you.

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I wonder whether it isn’t even a security risk if two accounts use the same account of a real exchange?

Of course, some users under the same IP may use Gainium for free. But even then it usually shouldn’t be a lot more than 4 that all could use the limited number of paper bots and deals.

I don’t know about the security risk. But I believe that if a husband and wife uses the same exchange account, everything should be fine. I don’t know how Gainium will handle this. Will they send an email to those with the same IP address warning them to delete the duplicate account? Or automatically ban a person if he has 2 accounts with the same IP address?

Ares, I have discovered that Rossano was correct about having too many paper bots. When we have too many, it is hard to keep track of them. So 3 may be fine.

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