Gainium going the same way?

I have been using trading bots for years. I even had one made for me a few years ago and collaborated in creating a bot. I also tried commercial bots, such as 3Commas. Every single time, all these projects turned south. Now, Gainium is putting limits on paper trading for free accounts. I have yet to find a perfect strategy, so I have been using the free account with hundreds of paper strategies to test. Is Gainium going to go the way of other bots? It always seems that after a year or so, the bot creators lose interest in the projects. If this is the case, I will ask that Gainium provides a downloadable version of the app for a price. So we can run it on a remote server.

I think it is not at all easy to make a project like Gainium available to a public that from the very beginning appreciates the willingness and active participation of the founder-creator. I appreciate this very much and that is why I joined a paid plan, which by the way is very competitive compared to others.

It would be very much appreciated if you would share the ‘perfect strategy’ in the strategy section, and certainly some users who have also decided to appreciate this project financially will be happy to share their resources to perform the various tests for the benefit of the community as well.

A standalone version of Gainium would be very interesting.
The example of 3commas, which has suffered in the past from the compromise of users’ API keys, makes a centralised service very vulnerable as it becomes more widespread and used.
Like some other software projects, it would be nice for gaiunium to become a software to be run on a virtual machine and with plug-in possibilities that other developers can also build on top of it.
For example I would be interested in buying a licence to run on a ‘docker cloud’ (or similar) of which there are several suppliers online, or even locally, but with planned updates from the founder because I am not a programmer. And I would still maintain the ability to run everything by the Gainium’s team as it is now!

Yes. I know that creators start out very happy with their projects, then get bogged down with financial and app problems. Not to mention having to deal with users problems. So a standalone app would be a great solution. That can be updated as often as the online version is. Gainium is a great app, but there is always the chance the creators could shut it down or quit offering some features to it’s customers. Or charge a large price for these features.

At the beginning the platform needs user input (mostly finding bugs), that’s why there is always a free plan. But as the app matures and more people join the free plan, there will be a point where the cost of resources is too high, so the free plan needs to be reduced or eliminated.

There are other ways to help the platform other than paying for a subscription. We will introduce other ways to earn a subscription for free soon.

Understandable. But if getting a free plan for testing involves affiliate marketing or something, I have never been comfortable with that. As I suggested, a standalone app would free up a lot of your bandwith and reduce costs. Or, perhaps you could charge per bot. As in x amount for the combo bot, x amount for the grid bot, etc.

Personally I don’t think that running hundreds of bots in paper will help anyone somehow - Settings to improve a strategy are endless but the core strategy is made by few components - laziness is the right term sometimes when we test 100 settings almost the same without changing a little the strategy and we don’t even remember what’s the difference between them at the end of the day.

My suggestion is to think on actual pen and paper what can make an impact on your way of getting profit from the market and test the core, then the backtest is there to refine the strategy and the real to run them - then if you run 50K bots like a whale it will make sense to buy a subscription.

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Subscriptions always showed a little * for soft limits which means that for those who stress the system with thousands of bots get flagged in the interest of the project and the community - I’m solid on this for one reasons - I challenged @aressanch while he was making the prices and plans for each subscriptions and giving a fear use of the platform even for free users means supporting the community in everyone interest.


I have to disagree with you on this Rossano. Suppose I have an RSI strategy, a BB strategy, a s&r strategy, and 10 or so other strategies I want to test. How else am
I supposed to test different results for each strategy unless I run many differences variations? Paper trading is the easiest and best way to see how many strategies will work without risking funds. Before paper trading, traders had to watch the stocks or whatever and guess if a strategy would work. Now we can know. It is a great tool.

No worries :wink: - what I’m saying is that you are focusing on the same aspect of the strategy - indicators for example - a the strategy isn’t made by a series of indicators but a logic if I can give you my personal point of view

When you have the same settings but you only change the starting condition for example you can backtest the result to see which one performs best - indicators wise - but you will see actual discrepancies in your strategies only when you change the logic of them - like for example a grid vs a combo.

I used to run thousands of bots but being honest with you after you paper them and check them back you already evolved into something else and you won’t need them anymore.

Backtesting is there to speed up the process and offload us from duplicating our bots

Hope it makes sense - talking with respect not meant to teach anyone here but to help :orange_heart:

Did I miss something? Because as far as I know, nothing has changed about paper testing on a free account, right?

There is now a limit on the number of paper trades we can run simultaneously. I do not know what the limit is because no announcement has been made. Ares explained this in his reply on my other post…

I may just have to start doing 1 and 2 year backtests to hopefully find a great strategy. I hope Ares tells us soon about the future of the app. Such as if the free option will disappear or if there will ala carte payment options. For now, it seems everything is in limbo with the new server update apparently approaching and changes to the the free version.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding you, but as a non-paid user I can just still do backtesting on paper of 4 years?

Nothing has changed - soft limits have always been there - if a user has thousands of active bots then the soft limits are applied either for paper or real accounts

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Not true. Something recently changed. I was running over 200 paper bots a week or so ago. I deleted about 50 of them. Then several days ago, I tried adding a new one. But I could not and got the “Cannot add bot. Hard limit reached” error message. Here is Ares’s response when I posted it in the bug section "
Correct, is not a bug. There are limitations for bot usage on free accounts. We have a “Fair use” limit, which may change as we upgrade the server.
So I went from over 200 bots, down to 150 bots, then could not add another.
Which makes no sense.

Because the limits are not per number of bots, but for the resource your bots are using. Most likely during the pump your bots started processing many orders and your account went over the resource limit, that’s why you couldn’t add more. Resource usage is refreshed once a day.

Wow…that explains a lot. I believed that you meant the hard limits had already been changed in the last update. Do the hard limits occur on the paid plans? I know what happened. I started paper trading with the maximum allowed pairs on all new bots. Which apparently consumes much more resources. Perhaps this could be added as part of the info section so that newer users like me would not be confused. Also, could you please give an update on the future plans for Gainium? Such as if the free plan will be removed, if there will be a la carte pricing options, a lifetime subscription option, a downloadable version, etc? Gainium is the best trading app available and it would be great to know your future plans for it.

I believe so. I backtested a bot on 4 hour auto, which went back to 2019, and it seemed to work just fine