Generous bug on PNL display (paper futures bot)

Bug info:

What kind of strategy are you using there? the results within 2 days are looking very nice :slight_smile: do you want to share with us?

yes of course! these two bots are on paper trading

with a DCA that cover a drawdown of max 8.5% at 10x leverage on BTC (for example, that now is more rare to big impulsive movements) SL 9.5 (just before liquidation)

Costs in value: BO = 1000 SO = 1000 SO from 0.5 step_scale 1 value_scale 1
the profits are not optimized (setted in ‘discovery’ every 1%) SL move to 1 when 3 profit

start condition: when price touch a trend line, signal to every bot that open a short and long simultaneously:

wait for the price swing and make a profit both when in downtrend and uptrend, thanks to dca every bot goes into profit because the retracement needed to go into profit is less than the 50% fibo retracement

loss: if price exceed 9.5% deviation bot loss $1900 (cost of single bot) the other can earn dependently on TP, at least $800

best price condition to apply: when market are engeneering money, so not on directional movement like here:

every sharing tought are very very apreciated !!!

okay I don’t know if I understand it correct. Is it a custom Tradingview signal you are using? not an indicatior which is built into Gainium?

are those 2 moving averages? and if the price falls below one of them you enter short and if the price crosses one of them you go long?

As I understand you need to have at least 3 TP levels to close the position with a profit?

sorry I leave some indicator on charts that I use for confluence but is not about the strategy here posted.

the signal is an alert when the price cross the trendline, the rest of strategy is money management carried out by the bot, now set like a fishing net and not optimized, if it will be possible to optimize :wink:

play with these free indicator on TV, they could be very useful:

Obviously a knowledge of market dynamics is desirable, I did not randomly place that trendline and no indicators were needed :wink:


@lorenzo @MarkusP maybe you want to post these strategies in Trading Strategies / Bot Setups because here once the bug is closed most people won’t click on this topic.

Bug fixed, thanks!

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Thanks @aressanch confirm that after clear the browser’s cache the UPNL is correct!

about the ‘strategy’ I think that is not really a good strategy, could potentialy create a huge loss, Risk Reward is really really bad and no under control, it seems that gain profit quickly and huge but in case of avversion condition is a real disaster … last week I presumptuously put live another bot that with $500 cost, earn around 200 dollars in a few hours and often, when the market took a direction it was a brutal loss!

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