Grid bot trailing take profit & other grid functions

Hello, once again congratulations for your good job on gainium. I am huge fan of grid bots.

As everybody knows, the problem on those type of bots is they don’t lock the profits. For example a neutral bot may produce a PnL 20% and then if the price breaks out and goes out of grid the bot may end up with a negative PnL or a liquidation.

The stop loss provides some kind of safety to escape from the big losses but it is not good enough.

And here is my idea. If I could place a trailing stop loss e.g 5%, I could secure the 15% PnL of total 20% profit by auto closing the bot. Knowing that, I could leave the bot running for an infinite time to see how far it can go.
In addition:
1. You can add on trailing TP a configurable delay. Eg. If PnL reduce bellow 15% only for a short period of time e.g for 1 min or 30 sec, the delay would prevent the bot closure.

  1. On neutral bot you a can add cycling closures. Example: Let’s say I am opening a neutral grid bot on BTC. When I start the bot the BTC is on 63,000$. Then the price increases up to 63,500. The bot will open shorts from 63,000 up to 63,500. When the bot reach back on 63,000 all the shorts will be closed and the unrealized PnL will be 0. That I mean as a cycle. You can add a function to auto close the neutral bot on completion of a configurable number of cycles.

  2. Tradingview alerts. Let’s say I am getting from my tradingview indicator a buy signal. So, I start a long grid bot. As long as the price action remain bullish the bot will produce profits.

The point is when the trend change from bullish to bearish the bot profits will be ruined if I am not in the front of computer to stop it. A tradingview alert triggered by a sell signal could resolve that issue by stopping the bot automatically. A similar function have the OKX grid bots. Check it and you will better understand what I mean.

If you indent to develop any of the above mentioned please give priority on Trailing stop loss as in my opinion is the most important.



Welcome to the community!

You can already do tradingview alerts with the combo. I find tradingview alerts don’t quite match with a classic grid because you need to define a range, by the time the alert fires you may as well be out of it.

For trailing TP, I am not sure how this would work in a grid bot since the grid bot normally base the TP and SL on the bot value, not a specific price. There is an option to use a specific price for TP, but what exactly will you trail? I am assuming you would set the trailing TP at the top of the grid, and by that time, you have already sold most of the base, so there isn’t much benefit to trailing at that point.

Other platforms offer trailing on the last grid order, which in the way most people use grids with 10+ grid orders, will give you a few more cents and overall have little impact on the profitability of the grid. To have that function provide some significance you would have to create a grid with a significant amount of base per grid.

I don’t think trailing TP would be something most people will benefit from, it only works on a few specific use cases. But if you get enough votes I will be proven wrong :sweat_smile:

Hi, Ares.

As I see you didn’t understand the concept. Probably I didn’t explain myself well. So, I will you give a live example to be more clear.

Two days ago, I opened for testing purposes a neutral grid bot on Bybit with 100 USDT

The bot performed really well and in one day produced a profit 22,85%. I decided to leave the bot open to see the maximum profit I can get. In order to be sure that I am not going to loose my money when I was on 20% profit I placed a stop loss at -1%. During night time the stop loss triggered and the bot ended with a minor loss.

If I could use a trailing stop loss instead of -0,62% bot could lock a profit 17,85% (22,85%-5%)

Once again
Let’s say the bot gains PnL 20%. With a trailing stop loss of 5% when the situation goes wrong and the profit decrease to 15% the trailing stop loss will close the bot automatically.

Lets say the PnL increases to 27%. When PnL start decreasing, the trailing stop loss will close the bot on PnL 22% (27%-5%) and so one.

As regards the TV alerts, the TV chart timeframe will be a user’s choice on tradingview and has nothing to do with the gainium platform. When I want to stop eg. a long grid bot with a sell signal it makes a sense to choose on tradingview a large timeframe 4HRS or more because I need more solid and less frequent sell signals. If I choose on tradingview let’s say a 15 min timeframe the bot will be closed too early probably before produce any profit.

Once again, the trailing TP is the most important. I searched all the grid platforms but I couldn’t find something similar.

You must think out of the box to produce something really innovating.



Thanks for clarifying. I see what you mean, you want to trail on the unrealized P&L (deal value), not the actual price. It’s an interesting concepts and yes I agree potentially useful, I would like to use it myself now that you’ve given the idea :joy:

Will try to schedule it soon, we have a big list of requests to go through :slight_smile:

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Hi Ares,

Thank you for your kind reply.

The sooner the better.

I am not aware of the pending issues you do have on the platform, but you must know you will be the first offering that. It is a simple and effective feature. Last night I searched all known and unknown crypto platforms on the internet and I couldn’t find anything similar. It’s hard to understand why something so obvious doesn’t exist yet!

Also, Ares I do have more ideas. Like a hedge grid bot. It is safe and simple. Imagine a neutral bot on a ranging market that opens simultaneously both long and short positions. As the price ranges inside the grid, the bot will finally close both positions. But when things go wrong and the price action breaks out of the grid, the bot will lose the one position but that loss will be fully compensated by the opposite (bot positions to be on Isolated mode)

I see you spent a lot of time on strategies with the indicators. Let’s face it. The indicators are producing many false signals by default. You are chasing your own tail. I developed an excellent strategy for manual trading but my strategy fails if the trend isn’t strong enough. So, in my opinion only a human judgement can produce decent results using a combination of indicators + a market understanding.

That fact leads inevitably to the following two conclusions regarding the signal bots:
A. Must use a DCA. /Or
B. Must use a momentum indicator executing multiple trades. Each trade must be for a very short period of time. The momentum indicator can see the trend but cannot predict what comes after.

I hate DCA because it blocks a lot of the entire trading amount. However I found that there are some DCA settings based on martingale that will successfully close the deal without blocking a lot of money. I built a bot on 3commas with QFL+DCA that performs well irrespectively of market conditions. It is completely hands free but boring. For safety reasons it deals only on the spot market .

Also, I noticed that the signal bots are working well on bullish markets as in the end the price action will be ended up.

Neutral grid bots are easy to set up and with a basic understanding of the market (consolidation/distribution, support and resistance levels, plus the ADX indicator you can make a lot of money using leverage.

On the other hand, if the market is trending either up or down with the tradingview signals, the market can be exploited with the long and short grid bots. Why long and short bots? The answer is simple. Because the grid bots are forgiving the minor failures of indicators. Add on the equation the trailing take profit I told you and you can have a super safe profitable system if you understand how to use it.


If you open in both directions, your profit is the funding fee. There will be profit for as long as the funding fee is in your favor. Once it isn’t, it reduces your margin and can trigger a liquidation. I posted about that last week since this topic came up in telegram: FAQ: Can I get liquidated with a delta-neutral (long and short) leveraged position?

To be honest I’ve never used these kind of bots but I’ve read about them and discovered that they have as many risks as any other strategy. No such thing as free lunch in trading, everything has risks.


Probably there is a misunderstanding again. See on picture below what I mean:

As regards the strategies indeed the risks do exists on all strategies. I was exaggerating before


I’m not adressing your main problem here, but the problem about DCA

Have you tried the smart orders function? Would that help with locking less money as the bot only locks the money for active orders, not the other ones? I quote : "Smart orders : This is the number of orders that will be sent to exchange as limit orders. The bot will lock the funds only for Active orders, thus the funds for other orders will be available to use in trades. Please, make sure to have sufficient funds on your balance that will be enough for ALL orders (BUY and SELL) to be placed. Smart Orders

Thanks for your amazing contributions.

Is that somehow like my idea for the Generalized Trading Bots? That approach also tries to block funds for too long but instead aims to close the deal with less funds while still performing some kind of - I called them - Martingale safety orders.

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Is this what are you referring to?
[wundertrading grid bot]

Yes. The idea for hedge grid bot comes from there. I tested and saw that most of the profits preserved even if price action goes out of grid. That gives you time to close the bot before get ruined. This is the reason I recommended it for developing here. Hedging bot produces less profits compared to neutral grid bot but it seems to be a more safe option.

Ares did a great job on trading and combo bots but on grid bots doesn’t offer any added value compared to competition. The trailing TP function will make the difference if he add it.

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Thank you for noticing that. Much appreciated.


Funny I was just today thinking about the same concept bot not only for grind bots also for the combo bots. A trailing SL would in my opinion give us a much higher winnrate. would also love to be able to backtest this.

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The really funny is that I finally found the trailing stop on grid bots on another platform. Please don’t ask me on which platform because isn’t proper to advertise others from here

This is similar to one of the strategy I never completed - the main difference is that mine is in SPOT

If you explain me what do you need to complete your strategy perhaps I could assist you.

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That will be great - I need to get the topic back as it was part of a long discussion with other traders willing to empower the community with new ways of profiting the market - I will post it in the strategies section and pin you so you can have look and feedback if you like

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Yes we need a trailing function up and down for grid bots, While this is a GREAT COMBO BOT feature, we need it for grids as well. This will attract customers as well because it makes the grids stand out compared to other platforms (added value).

This feature request here is not about trailing the grid but the take profit. But your suggestion could be another Feature Requests to allow long grids to trail up and expand down and accordingly the opposite for short grids.

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What would trailing in a traditional grid bot allow you to accomplish that you cannot currently do with a combo bot?