Have a realtime AVG daily (instead of the daily of the working bot time)

The AVG daily is calculated by the bot running time. here 6 days = 3,83%
I would love to see it in all the bots as te real AVG daily / or an extra column.

Because the real AVG daily would be: 24,7% / 15 days (not six days) =. and would give approx 1,64%

A big difference of course. I am running multiple bots (grids, dca, combo’s) and to compare them and or to know what the bots are really doing … I need to calculate myself, write it down etc.

Please add a real AVG daily % based on the actual days running (not theft time running).


In my opinion it’s correct if the average daily only takes those days into account where the bot is running independently of whether there are active deals or not.