Hey, new user here!

Hey, new user! I came across a YT video this weekend from The Trading Parrot who was using Gainium. So got to interested. I’m from the Netherlands and I’m a 3Commas user for some years. I really like bot trading because I can do it besides my full time job. Going to experiment with Gainium!!



I’m sure you’ll enjoy using Gainium.


Welcome bud, as a former 3C user, I’m happy i found Gainium in all possible ways. Stick around and feel free to check/ask anything


Thanks guys for your welcome!

@gabportfoliohub may I ask why do you prefer Gainium? I like to hear your experiences because you know 3Commas. If someone else want to share experience please let me know!

Something strange happened my profile changed. I’m the poster of this topic. How is that possible???

It just shows the picture of the last commenter in mobile view.

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And if you look above, it was @BetterTraderMarcel who started this thread.

Not sure what happened but I accidentally created two account I guess. Now everything is all good.

Yeah I’m pretty sure now I accidentally created two account. My bad. I’m missing a login text on the main website so I always ticked “try for free” and accidentally entered two times a different email address so created two account. Under the box where to enter the mail address there is a text with already have a password or something and I didn’t read that.