HIDE Balance - similar to exchanges

Would it be possible to add a little eye :eye: next to our profile picture or in the drop down menu to HIDE the BALANCE?

Similar to bank accounts or exchanges (Bybit screenshot below)

It will allow us to share our screen without the needs to show our portfolio or to post-edit the videos or pictures.

The feature would only mask the values with $ or currency symbols at the front.

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It should mask the values with a fix length, so that even the length doesn’t give any hint.

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I need more information about what to hide.

The dashboard and portfolio page are all numbers, so the entire pages must be blurred.

Then on the bot overview page, hide all columns related to value and profit?

On the bot page, hide value and profit from stats, running and closed deals and graphs?

I think this is going to be a bigger project that it sounds, modifying the front end to hide every value that reveals account size is going to need lots of adjustments.

If this is for streaming purposes, there may be another faster solution where we hide whether the account is live or paper so the users don’t immediately assume this is the money you are trading with.

You are right it may be time consuming and there may be for sure more important things to look at first.
Yes it will basically hide all $ numbers on all pages (real account) - as you said a quick fix for now could be to use the paper account.