HMA Trend-Following Strategy

Making the thread for this strat since I didn’t port it yet from Discord.

I have to say I’m very impressed by the results.

The High Win Rate (HWR) version has defied expectations, with a 10% return a month.

Backtest for the same period show similar performance → Gainium app

Though some of the coins were killing it.

Let me know how you spin this one.


Is it possible to use both a percentage profit and an indicator (and timer) to close deals?

I’ve been testing the HMA strategy and in the last 20 hours had two deals pump which I closed manually with $44 (8.5%) and $38 (7.3%) wins.

Had I not closed them manually I suspect they would have closed with much lower wins.

So can we specify the bot should close the deal if it hits x%, or the indicator hits, or the timer runs out?

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