Is this normal for a futures grid bot

is it normal for a futures grid bot to realize losses i know it can get losses but it would stay unrealized?
Screenshot 2024-05-22 164601

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A grid bot in futures can realize loses, while in spot the loses will stay unrealized until you close the position. I’m not 100% of the technical reason for it, maybe Google can throw some light.

take a look yourself here is the bot and it doesn’t make sense for a grid bot to realize losses i have never seen this before and i used a lot of grid bots a grid bot is supposed to wait for the price to reach the next take profit grid and take it even if the whole position is in loss, that specific grid level made profit that is realized and should show up in the realized profits it is separate from the entirety of the grid bot even if it is in a loss it shouldn’t show me realized profits in minus

see here this is another bot platform even if the bots total pnl is in loss the realized is in profit

i think this is a bug from the last update

Have you checked if the losses are also there in your exchange? Can be a visual bug from gainium but the trades could have gone as predicted…

i am still testing gainium so i am on paper trading for now the bots are great here everything is super precise
it is just this minus profit thing did you ever see anything like this ?

The bot is working as it’s supposed to, is not a bug, futures grid realize loses.

Those bots have also realized losses. Don’t confuse grid profit with realized profit, that is not how it works in Futures. Our bots also realize grid profit, which you can see in the grid bot overview page. But also can realize loses, and this is in any bot platform. If you want to keep loses unrealied, use spot.

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